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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Re-dye Refashion dress!

Alright while I was in the mood to experiment with dying fabric, my frugalness just couldn't let a dye bath go to waste. This was when I was dying my silk blouse, I wanted to dye some cotton.

Again I was using RIT dye petal pink. Which I thought would come out a light pink on white cotton. And that was what I had! Here is the dress I got from Penelope's House, a second hand store where the proceeds go to women of the Penelope House. Let me tell you they have some great finds!

I found this beautiful white left eyelet dress there one day after lunch (it is right by my work) but it had a few light brown stains on the dress. This dress needed to be dyed to cover them. After I had gotten the color I wanted with the silk shirt, I added more hot warm to the bath and added my white dress for another ~30 mins. Here is the result.

It did not need any hemming or taking in, just a new color. I wearing it with my heart pin I made (blog soon to follow). Just in time for the spring season and Easter! :) Thanks for reading! ~Lauren~

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