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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Baby Bibs and Burp Cloths

In addition to the Covered Diaper Cake I made for Randy and Lori's Baby Shower (which I missed b/c of scheduling conflicts) I also made my own baby bibs with matching burp cloths! Here is the end product, I made several themes of bibs with 3 different fabrics (all of which I had!). Nautical theme... Randy and Lori are big boat people so I started off with making some nautical bibs

how cute are these? I was so happy with the outcome. I also made another sort of nautical theme bib too (but hated working with this fabric!)

In addition I made what I called my baby boy line. So a little more cutesy and baby blue.

Now here is how I made the baby bibs (it is SOOO SIMPLE!) I got the pattern for the bibs here I printed the pattern out and I was ready to roll! First put the fabric wrong sides together, for backing I used terry cloth for good absorption. So put then wrong sides together and pin them together and cut out the bib.

Then sew it up!

I left the top part open to turn it right side out. To finish the bibs. I didn't know how to do this velcro or snaps? I talked to a few people and they said velcro was easier to get the bib on a moving child. So I went with velcro. Here is the way i got the velcro on... (its so scientific)

Bam! Done! I had so much fun with it. For the decor I used iron ons from the craft store or I made my own iron on using the fusible web (whatever that is called!) I got the anchor (and my favorite!) from a clip art and traced it. For the boat, I just free handed it!

Now I made the matching burp cloths using cloth diapers and the same material used for the bibs. This was easy too! First lay out the cloth diaper on the fabric (wrong sides together again). Pin them together.

Then cut around the fabric and we are ready to sew! Leave a spot to turn it right side out.

Done just close the edge and you are done! I was so suprised how much fun I had designing baby bibs and burp cloths. I have so many more ideas. Would love to do girl ones! :) Hope you enjoyed this! :) ~Lauren~

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Jayna Rae said...

I love anything nautical. Cute designs.


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