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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Blog Makeover?

Slowly but surely I have been revamping my blog for easier access to all my different types of projects. I just learned how to do it and man, I have learned a lot! Finally, now you can acess all of my refashions, tutorials, and bellydance costume but using the menu bar on top of my blog. Yay. Both the tutorials and refashions are fully functional tho I may change the picture size. The bellydance costume is not since I need to add pictures to my photobucket account. Correction: need to find pictures of my costumes, then add to my photobucket account. Not all of them are blogged. So that section needs work! No ad sense b/c i don't want my blog to be all full of ads... I have a small blog that is growing, I don't need google to add "stuff" to it! So no ad sense. Now that everyone is organized (I love organization) I got my list of projects I want to do and what I need (or can) to blog about. So more blogs coming up! :) Yay!! Thanks for reading! XOXO, LaLaLauren!

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