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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sewing machine pin caddy

For the Iron Craft challenge #10: Fat Quarter

We were given the challenge to make some item using a Fat Quarter of fabric. A fat quarter is a little larger than a 1/4 of a yard (18X22). And I had the perfect idea since I have thinking I needed something for my sewing machine.

Here is my stray pin sewing machine caddy I made! Because I can't ever seem to have/bring my pin cushion when I am actually sewing on my machine.

Here's the "how to" for it!

First I started with my "fat quarter" of fabric (hey happy mardi gras)...

I used a cardboard box lid as my base b/c it was perfect. I cut about 1-2 inches around the base and then I hot glued it down.

Then I added 2 pieces of ribbon cut about 46 long. I wanted to make sure I could get it around my sewing machine and have room to spare to tie my knots. Hot glued on near the top and one near the bottom.

Then I got ready to make the poofy part for the actual stray pins. I folded over the fabric on the longer side and hot glued that down. I did the next longer side but left some extra room to add stuffing. Hot glue that baby down! Now glue one of the shorter sides down taking care to leave space for stuffing.

Ok we are now ready to stuff. Add your stuffing and fill up. Glue the last side down with some hot glue, you may want to just smush the sutffing around to even it out. Tada! We are ready to add it to our sewing machine! All you do is just tie it on the backside of the machine.

I had enough fabric from this project I actually made 2. So now my serger has one. No more loosing my pin cushion when I'm at the sewing machine!

From the back

Hope you enjoyed this! :) LaLaLauren


Songbirdtiff said...

Very cute and clever!

Wendy said...

This is such a good idea! I carry my pin cushion from cutting matt to machine to ironing board, except I usually don't and end up having to fetch it! I could do with a whole loads of these tied to various places around my sewing room!


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