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Monday, March 28, 2011

Blouse Refashion

Yay!! So finally I got some time here to refashion an item! I started out with this gem I got at goodwill for $0.99.

It was a 2X!!! But I kind of liked this 100% silk material. I had a feeling this could have potential. I started out with I wanted to dye it and I used RIT petal pink powdered dye. I was really curious to what color this would turn out. OOh eager! Here I am dying in the sink of my kitchen. I again managed to not dye myself or my cats. Boyfriend wasn't home so he didn't get dyed either... It is a win-win situation!

Oooh it came out a darker pink, kind of like a coral/azalea color. Then I decided to add these light pink beads to the neckline that I had in my stash (yay for using my stash). I sewed that on pretty quickly (hey I sew bellydance costumes!) this was cake. I took in the shirt b/c even if i added elastic to the bottom, it so didn't work so here I am sewing away!

I sewed it together and cut off the sleves. I didn't sew down the sleeves b/c the silk doesn't fray. so I just smoothed it over. Here is the final product. I promise you its not lopsized. It was just the way I was standing. Plus I got some clothes on underneath.

Yay! Hope you enjoyed it! ~Lauren~


Heather Wigen said...

Wow! You are inspiring me to start sewing again. I miss it.

Jenny said...

wow! I feel like I could go out and make over ugly clothes. Thanks for the inspiration :)


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