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Saturday, March 5, 2011

D'oh spilled seed beads!

So if you ever sewed or beads with seed beads, you know what I am talking about!

Here's what happened....

I am currently fixing a red bra I got from egypt that was supposed to be a B cup but its clearly not. And I have been collecting all the seed beads and sequin that have been falling off so I can fix it later when I am done (this will be another blog coming up soon!). But all of my beads have been going into a bowl.....

My darling cat Natasha (shown above with what they consider a bra cup in Egypt!) who is my sewing buddy has a horrible perception of her bum and how big she is... poof her butt missed the table and went onto the edge of my beads bowl. No!!!!! All the seed beads and sequins are on the carpet... I am not picking them out by hand. I tried the pantyhose on the hose of your vaccuum trick but that so didn't work. Maybe my vac isn't strong enough? who knows. But I sat there and thought about it and realized my lint roller would do the trick!

Rolled right over the spill, it picked up the beads (and some cat hair!) from the carpet. I simply brushed them off and I was able to recover most of my beads. Yay! No more digging beads out of the vaccum cleaner container!

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