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Friday, December 5, 2014

Blue Chiffon/lace top, refashion #92

Boy this top gave me a lot of grief for sewing. Let me state this from the get go! I liked the chiffon and the lace inserts. I just thought this wouldn't be difficult to make it fit.

The arm holes needed fixing and needed to come in closer to my body. I also pulled up the sewed the top at the shoulder. I made the elastic smaller and took in the sides because it had a sagginess. I also wound up sewing out the lace insert on the sides and cut off some of the bottom. The middle picture shows how much I took off. This took a long time because I would do something, try it on, and then say MEH I still don't like it.

Even though this took a lot of work, I made it work in the end. Yes this is me sneezing. LOL


No more lace on the sides- I was slightly bummed but it does look better.

The recap! Whew! Glad that is over!


7 more left!!!

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