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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Funky print long sleeve top, refashion #89

Today is just a quick and easy refashion. Again, it is winter- I need some long sleeves. Blah blah. You know the drill! Found this long sleeve top with bright patterns and at first I wasn't on planning on keeping the top as is but then I changed my mind. BTW forgive me in this picture- but what is up with my hands and my wrists in this photo?

I simply took in the sleeves starting at the sleeves and working my way in through the waist and hips area. I serged off the excess material.

Poof done! Now this might be a little flashy for your taste but this will make a great shirt under a sweater for the cold weather. And something great for yoga as well. :) Simple, easy and a nice outcome.

Here's the recap!

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