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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 New Years Resolutions... Recap

I am amazed at how fast time goes. I know better because every year at this time I always say the same thing- my how fast time has gone.

Time to recap all of my New Years Resolutions. I will say I had good ground with getting things done until the end of the summer when the lab opened up. Time has been crazy and I have not had a lot of time to pursue hobbies. Or really just do my laundry. I have been that busy. It is truly unreal.

So as always I love to go through my list and count up points and see what I accomplished. Blogging helps me stay on track. No idea why but doing this every year helps me accomplish my goals. And I am happy to share with all of you who read my blog. I am so very grateful!
Alright here we go! Here are my goals for the New Year! Come on 2014!! Happy New years!!

1. New Sewing techniques. I would like to try more and use some of these feet I have for my sewing machine. Like ruching with elastic in my bobbin. Pin tucking. Sewing with the circular foot attachment.
+1 I actually did several techniques. I did not do the circular foot yet. But that is ok! :) 

2. Make 1 thing from each sewing book.
  1. Burda Style Sewing Handbook
  2. Thrifty Style
  3. 49 Sensational Skirts
  4. Generation T
  5. Custom Couture
  6. Pattern Magic 
  7. Pattern Magic 2
  8. Pattern Magic Stretch Fabric
  9. Drape Drape 1
  10. Drape Drape 2
  11. Drape Drape 3
  12. Little Green Dresses
yeah this did NOT happen. Got to pick my battles. :( 
3. 99 Refashion Challenge. Oh yeah that is a lot of Refashions! But away I go! I have that many projects I can do!!! 
Oh yeah I completed it! That was quite a challenge.
For all of my refashion for this year click here! Next year I won't opt for this much. It is just too challenging with a full work schedule.

4. Get my sewing patterns online at Pattern Review, which may take me all year!!!
Nope. :( boo

5. Get rid of 1 more suitcase of fabric (preferably the big one with the broken wheel).
um yeah this SO did NOT happen. I got more fabric! EEk! 

6. Get rid of 1 more box of bling (beads, sequins, etc)
Yes success!

7. Try at least 1 more knitting item. I did a scarf, I can totally do another scarf. But try and learn to purl. I'm cool with a scarf. 
Nope too busy sewing to knit. Actually we had an incident with yarn and a kitty that made me put it away for a bit.

8. Make at least 2 recipes for my cookbooks. Or else toss.
Yeah! This was a success! I got some great recipes this year! 

9. 30 more sewing patterns
Yeah just made it by the buzzer! 

10. Convert my old tapes to DVD and condense my stuff!
Yeah! This freed up a lot of space under my bed. I was a wonderful walk down memory lane for watching my old dance videos.

11. Try 1 new thing this year I have never done before! I'm thinking trapeze school.... But open to other ideas! 
Yeah I tried aerial yoga starting back at the end of October and I am addicted!  My strength and flexibility have increased dramatically. It is mind over matter as your brain doesn't think you can do it, but you can. I have learned to trust myself. My back no longer hurts, I have no more neck pain, and I have released the pressure in my hips as well. Such a win! Love it! And highly recommend.

12. Try to not buy anything else unless I need it. Seriously I have so much stuff!! Actually I have just signed up for the Ready to Wear Fast challenge at Goodbye Valentine. This entire year I intend to not purchase any store brought clothing (besides socks, underwear, and shoes), will either sew or refashion my clothing. Which I am totally fine with, actually I did this what 2 years ago? I highly enjoyed it and it spurred my creativity while I learned how to sew. It was great! I highly encourage.

Ding! Yup, I didn't buy anything I did not need (well fabric doesn't count!)! This has been great to fast.

13. Out of debt. I am so close. Pending a disaster we will do it! And hopefully before the summer.

OMG I finally paid off the last of my medical debt! It has been so refreshing. We are just starting to get into save mode. We sort of purchased things that we have been putting off (like carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning, hence not in full save mode). 

14. Read a book for FUN. Yes this is virtually impossible for me. No idea why, it is either sewing or science book. This year I will try and read a book for fun. There is just not enough time in the day.
Yes! I read a book for fun! It was by one of my close friends from high school, who took the leap to follow her dreams and become an author! So proud to say I read a book for fun that was not a science book.

15. See my extra points list

So I would like to have an earn an extra points list. Just because if I do I should be rewarded. Here is my list
1. Rest of DVDs for bellydance (0.5 extra) and another 0.5 if I can sell the ones I don't want.
2. t-shirt quilt
3. 5k Actually ran 2 this year!
4. BD costume finish (actually sold some, never finished those darn endless wave pants).
5. New bedspread/comforter and headboard. (got one from TJ Max instead, it was $20).
6. Get that 2nd room organized and decluttered. (I would not say I was successful this year lol)
7. 25 more items sewn for charity. (only got 5)
8. Prom dress refashions for charity. Oh just wait I hope I can make this happen! (nope too busy with refashioning)
9. Any of the craft kits I have, if I get 1 done that will be amazing!! (nope but I did donate them)

So I got 10 out of 15 of my New Years Resolutions! I think this is a personal best!!!!! That is 2/3 of my goals!!! I also got a bonus point (so if we do 11 of 15 it is 73%). So more than half! And I set my goals high this year. I am happy and pleased! I only did 26 points for fabric and 16 bling points. Those are the only projects I truly finished. 

Now the biggest question is what will I aim for next year? That will be another post. 

I hope everyone had a great 2014 and here's to a fabulous New Year. 2015 Here we come! :)


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sarahlizsewstyle said...

Wow, you are busy just with this, let alone work and domestic life :) Mind you, I tned to be the same. Happy New Year, Lauren - and congrats with the debt paydown - a good feeling to be free of debt.


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