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Monday, December 1, 2014

Workout wear refashions #87/88

Alright well I am back. I decided to take some after photos this past weekend and I even got some time to sew. I also was lazy, watched movies, and caught up on sleep. Happy Holidays.

Now for some refashions.... I am so close to my 99 refashion challenge and been furiously sewing away. Here is a big shirt made out of spandex I found and of course I loved the pattern. But seriously how do you wear it? It was a fabulous spandex. And I mean fabulous!

I recently became introduced to Jalie patterns which offer a bunch of workout wear, skating, and dance patterns. I was looking for a pair of hot shorts that I first wanted to make from this top. Boom found this pattern!

Here are my shorts. This is my first time with a double needle and spandex and wow can I say I'm in love? Double needle where have you been all my life?

I looked at the leftover fabric and realized I had just enough to make the sports bra with the same pattern with the criss cross straps in the back. Yes! So here is my matching sports bra! It fits great!

I just love the back.
I learned how to use foldover elastic (got it on amazon, now I have a giant spool of black foldover elastic!) for this project as the pattern specifically calls for it. It was slightly stressful but I got over it. And I put it on with no threads popping! Yes!!!

Not bad huh? The recap looks great! And I got a new workout set (that I will wear the shorts at home) for less than $5. The sports bra is not meant for serious jumping but it will be great for dancing and yoga. :)


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Lovenicky said...

Wow! You were able to make all those pieces with this one top? So Awesome! They look so much better as workout gear than as a strange looking top. Great job!


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