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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Gold Brocade skirt

In addition to refashioning, I am also trying to sew from patterns and attack this fabric pile I have built up!!! I initially wanted to use this gold brocade fabric for an iron craft project "midas touch" but I didn't have enough time. Now I finally had a chance!

I used Simplicity's pattern 2258 b/c the skirt had pockets!

Here is my product

Problems I had:
- I did not understand the pocket park in the instructions. My pockets are actually the wrong way but I fixed it!
- I also messed up my length b/c i did want to have a work skirt but things got hairy. I wound up making my own length
- Brocade can be tricky to sew! It wants to slip and move and I got agitated at times. Additionally, I could have used a better needle.
-Also I probably needed to sew the next size under. It is a little too big on me.

All in all, I liked the end product. Even though I didn't use it for work, I still will be able to use it for non-work activities. I really was worried at the end, then I ironed it and it got better. I calmed down. but right before the picture I must have done something because it has a line! LOL!!

Will probably use this pattern again one day, not anytime soon. Maybe I would like it with a different fabric, and tighter.

And today for some reason it looks like my skirt is wearing a tie. Again it will probably be a while before I do this pattern again. And it will be a while before I sew brocade!



Brenda said...

I made this skirt and really loved the fit. I've cut out shorts to make next.

La La Lauren!!! said...

yeah apparently I need to go a size down! I will probably wait a while to redo. I'd love to see the shorts!


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