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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Spring Grass Wreath

I had one more heart styrofoam wreath left in my arsenal and I wanted to use it. I got my inspriation here Here's I made mine.. First I started with the green fun fur yarn and my wreath.

I filed down the pointed edge of the wreaths where the hearts connect to make it easier for the fur using a nail file. First glue down the yarn with a small dab of hot glue. Then just start wrapping the yarn around and around the wreath. I would wrap a section then push it back and tighten it up so the white styrofoam would not be seen underneath. I used 2 skeins of yarn. The finished product

Doesn't it look like "grass"? :) Here's a hint for the parts where its pointy. Wrap it loosely several time and then pinch it and hot glue down. I tried numerous ways but it did not want to work and would start to look weird. I also did it near the end b/c i had to think about how to get across this hurdle. Now let's embellish this! I got this flower trim at Walmart that has been around for ages!

Simply cut between each flower and we are now ready to add our flowers to our grass. Then using pink colored stray pins, I tacked it into the wreath.

Don't push the entire pin into the wreath. Just leave it a little out so it sits better on the grass and doesn't smush it. So here's several of them all together. I just went by eye to space them.

The wreath all together and done!

Now we just need to hang it. I used a backing to a picture frame and used stray pins to hold in place.

Happy Spring! I love this wreath!

Thanks for reading! :) XOXO, Lauren

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