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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Iron Craft #17 Royal Wedding

This week's Iron Craft Challenge was the royal wedding. I know there is so much hype with the big wedding coming up and hence our challenge.

Now we can make a wedding gift, favors, something for your wedding, etc. So I thought about it, and thought about it, well I'm not getting married any time soon so nothing for me. Then it hit me, our friend's Amanda and Lucas are getting married next month. Maybe I could make something creative as a gift.

That lead to more thinking. While eating lunch it came to me, something cute and sentimental. We are going to give them a tree as their wedding gift. They are getting married at the Botanical Gardens so it kind of fits their location. Then they could plant it and watch their tree grow the longer they are married. :) I thought it was cute.

But they need a plant pot first and wouldn't it be great to give them a pretty pot for their special day? And that's what I did for the challenge!

First I started with a pot (tho this one isn't real terra cotta- its an eco pot- made from recycled plastic made to look like terra cotta! perfect for me since I'm a klutz!).

I spray painted it metallic gold. To give a good base. I was going for a two-tone effect.

Next, I realized I did not want to hand write the words on the pot so I went for pre-made letters. Thank you scrapbooking section at Michael's.

Yes stop laughing at my one black letter. They didn't give enough small letter a's in the packet. So i needed another packet and they were out of silver. Yes really...

Moving on.. Then I sponged my antique white ( I made it myself with a light cream color mixed with white, then I had the color I wanted but couldn't find).

Sponged the white onto the entire pot. I did about 2 layers. It dried quickly since it was thin. I pulled the letters off and we are ready to go!

Here is the finished product!

Now the next thing is I need to pick a tree to give them! I have a few weeks to pick it out. :)

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kat said...

That will make a great gift!


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