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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Iron Craft Challenge #15 - Bunny or Chick?

This week's Iron Craft challenge is to make something out of marshmallow peeps! How much fun is that! I was so in when this challenge started. And so was Thelma, aka Sonja. And so it started. After much deciding we decided to go with making peeps of our own, i.e. as Baklava Bellydance. Make all 4 dancers (Me, Sonja, Lisa and Laura) in addition we would make Scott, our live drummer. Brainstorming: we needed peeps, something to create a diorama, clay for his drum, and bling to bling out our peeps. I had the bling in my craft stash (I know suprise!) but peeps needed to be bought as well as the clay. Actually, when I was in my craft aisle at walmart i found a styrofoam diorama making kit. Ding! So worth the money! Peeps were not that far away in the store so we were ready to create! After some dinner and wine (yes I cooked!) we practiced with a peep with some eyes about to fall off its head on how we wanted to create us. We had leftover scrap material from our sparkly skirts. So here is our prototype

Next add skirts and bras/belts. Sonja cut the skirts. I painted the bras and she added the tiny beads.

Then they were missing necks so we added a necklace.

Next hair! I had some old braids of fake hair I have never used before so I opted for that. Here they are in various stages of hair. :)

Now we also did the Scotts. Scott S, our drummer (with a V-neck shirt) and Scott D, our photographer with a round neck shirt.

Now adding the peeps to our diorama. First I will say this, we added fabric and some glitter foam to make a stage and I printed out our name on some paper and glued it down. Now to just add the peeps, since we had toothpicks in them to secure the 2nd part of the bottom to them. This was how we are going to add them into the stage which is just a piece of styrofoam. First I pre-poked holes into the fabric-covered stage with a toothpick and added us!

Here we go the final product!

Its us in the sugar form! :) Here's the reference link to our actual homepage to see how we really came close to the actual costumes we made. Click here for our website Hope you enjoyed this! XOXO, Lauren

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Manisha said...

This turned out great!


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