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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Turtle time!

Turtleneck time that is!! I fell for this material when I purchased it at goodwill for $0.99. But its a long sleeved tutleneck and its way to big!

It is actually pretty ugly as a whole. But I had a vision. What was funny was I saw this on anthropologie's website! It is like its twin! And they wanted $98 for it! Nope, not in my price range. Time to make it myself!

I first started by creating the halter top buy cutting off the sleeves but on an angle for a halter top. I tried to use a halter top I had but I only had an idea (luckily it worked).

I then cut off the rest of the sleeves by cutting close to the turtle neck part.
Here's the leftover sleeve!

I took it a little bit in and recreated some armholes. (no picture sorry)

Next was just to make a tube of my leftover fabric. I simply cut 3.5 inches wide with my rotary cutter and connected the 3 tubes together at the short side. I couldn't make more b/c I got carried away with the scissors!

I then found the center and marked it with a pin.

I did not sew it on in the middle I sewed it on askew since I was tying it on the side. Then I sewed it down to the center back on the neckline.

Here is the end product! I LOVE IT!

Ok I am so tired! It is only Monday and I am struggling to stay awake. It is going to be a long week. Sleep tight!



donatella said...

stripes, you got me on this. t-shirt redo: you got me on this too! cheap: oh, yeah!!! :)

{ T G L } said...

Wow, that's an impressive transformation!

(And WHY is Anthropologie so expensive?!)

Best wishes,
This Good Life

Laura M. said...

I just discovered your blog. This is a great refashion. (I'm a sucker for stripey tops.) Well done! :)


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