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Monday, June 20, 2011

Bubbly, Black and Sparkly

I solely bough this dress because of the fabric. Not because I wanted a fancier dress, but because I wanted the fabric. Initially, the plan for the fabric was to make a bellydance costume. But I realized I have a lot of costumes and maybe this wasn't what I wanted to make a costume out of (I have so many ideas!).

And then I tried it on....

It is labeled a size 10 but something was different about this dress. There was no lining. And the bodice part actually was tight on my upper body. I figured it out, this item was altered by someone (guessing non-professional since there was no lining left in it) and was made for a girl who was small on top but big on bottom. :) I know several people like this.

The problem with this dress was the length and the way the alteration was made to compensate for the large rear just didn't flow. Something was off. I decided I needed to cut it off!

I hacked off quite a bit of the material. Tried it on and realized I needed just a smidge more length. I cut a strip of fabric and added about 2 more inches and felt much more comfortable with the length. But now something looked wrong. HMMM...

Ah! It would make a cute bubble skirt! I sliced a small hole on the inside of the added sash and threaded a piece of ribbon throughout the bottom on the skirt. Now I can adjust how much bubble I want with the skirt!

Additionally, I added some bling to the top halter b/c i felt it was missing something (that and I love to sparkle). I had some nice clear ab and black beads, I hand beaded onto the dress.

Here is the finaly product!

Love it! I was actually supposed to wear it to a wedding, but I reinjured my back the day of the wedding (and possibly recracked my hairline fracture in my spine) and was bedridden that evening. I was so bummed.

Well I will just save it for something special. Someone needs to plan something special (hint hint people!).



1 comment:

Jamie Lee said...

Love the dress! It's perfect!
You did an awesome job!

Jamie Lee



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