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Friday, June 24, 2011

The Summer of Sewing!

Well since I have not been cleared yet for physical activity and may not get cleared anytime soon. I have decided to call Summer 2011 the "Summer of Sewing (and crafts)". Sewing and crafts have become a wonderful outlet for me since I am unable to dance, do yoga, pilates, run, etc, etc, etc. The creative outlet has been nice! I have a lot in store! :) I have some bellydance related posts, craft posts, sewing project, and of course refashions.

Here are finished projects needing a post:
1. Bracelet makeovers
2. Shisha mirror wreath
3. butterfly wreaths
4. How I fixed my bellydance bra from Egypt
5. My first foray in chain maille
6. Periwinkle skirt to troupe bellydance costumes
7. Capri Pants to skirt refashion

Here are some upcoming projects
1. Girls baby shower gifts: I have some super cute bibs and other projects I am working on for Liz's baby. I am so excited to make baby girl gifts!!!
2. Part 2 of the ruffle blouse
3. How I organized my craft room (LOL this may take awhile!)
4. T-shirt quilt. I just need to start working on fusing and sewing! I think I have everything ready, have to check the sashes. But I do have a walking foot. :)
5. Ebay bellydance costume upgrade
6. Vintage curtain circle skirt. OOOh and it's yellow!
7. Ruffle dress to shirt
8. Sewing project- deciding on a 1 shoulder flowered top or a 2 toned bohemian top or the free top from grosgrainfabulous. I can't make up my mind!
9. Refashioning more men's tops.
10. jewelry kit finish
11. Chain tank top

Of course other projects will pop up but those are my main focuses right now. Biggest thing is to finish Liz's baby shower gifts right now. HEE HEE I must contain myself!

Here's to the Summer of Sewing (and crafts!) :)


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