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Friday, June 10, 2011

New Sleeves

I found this nice Ralph Lauren shirt at Penelope's Closet. A thrift store that benefit's Penelope's House. $3 for Ralph Lauren, soo nice!

However, when I put this shirt on the sleeves were weird. They were poofy at the bottom on the sleeve. But this was a thick cotton with some stretch to it, it doesn't pool nicely or hang nicely. I think it was a sheer, light fabric this shirt would be cool. Ralph got it wrong in the fabric selection. So I took out my seam rippers and removed the sleeves and readjusted them. I did one sleeve at a time. Here is shot after one of the sleeves were fixed so you can see the difference.

Then I fixed the other sleeve. And here is the end product. Yay.

I fixed a Ralph Lauren mistake. How nice is that?

More refashions are on the way since I am able to be upright a little more after the accident. :)


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