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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Planning my return!

I went to the Doctor last week to figure out what is wrong with my back. Long story short. I have a small hairline fracture in one of my lumbar vertebraes. It is small and a bit of an analomy but it explains why I hurt. I have been banashed from physical activity for a total of 4 weeks! Never have I craved to run a 10K (I don't really run!) or play tennis or do karate. I guess you always want what you can't have (or do, in my case). I have spent 1 week after work on my back on the floor when I get home. To let me do something, because being idle or lazy doesn't work for me, I have been cross stitching while I lay on the ground and watch tv. Working on a christmas stocking. Wahoo. The good news is since I have been resting and not leaning over or backwards, I am finally strong enough to be able to sit up for a bit and sit behind my sewing machine! I am so excited! With that said, by the end of this weekend I shall be able to finish and blog about 4 (yes 4!!) refashion projects I was working on and need to blog. Maybe I will even get that darn butterfly dress done too!

Happy Days are here again! :)

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