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Monday, June 20, 2011

Men's button down to peasant top

Ok finally able to finish up and publish my blogs. Had to change browsers but oh well. Next up, I thought I would take a stab at refashioning a men's button down tshirt. I found this easy tutorial at cutoutandkeep.net. I saved it for when I was ready to attempt it and now I was ready since I found this pretty multi-blue striped shirt at goodwill for $1.

The tutorial is located here. I pretty much followed her tutorial. The hardest part I had was making the first cut, I wanted to make sure I had the sleeves positioned in the right way so I would not detach the remaining part of the sleeve from the shirt. This part was hard. I kind of eyeballed it-though I did position my ruler and cut 2 inches from the button so I could still make a ruffle.

Here is what it looked like after the first cut.

Next I sewed a zigzag stitch across the top about 1 inch from the edge. To make it gather I added thin elastic I wove through the zigzags with a dull wide needle.

I tied off the elastic and we had the top done! Next I evened out the bottom part of the shirt and cut off about 9 inches off from the sleeves. I repeated the zigzag stitch and adding of elastic for all cut parts.

Done! Here's the shirt! I'm quite fond of it!

Ok its a bit wrinkly but there is a really long story with that. I wore it out and it was super comfy. Surprisingly I got it right with the elastic! Can't wait to try another one soon! This was fun and super easy. :)

Until next post!



Mammy Made said...

i just love this! im going to follow :)


American Nanny said...

Excellent job! I've been experimenting with the whole elastic, gathering, shirring thing and your way is the first time I've seen it done that way, but I like it. Makes it super easy to do and to control the gathering.

BluBabesCreate said...

Handy with that sewing machine. come see a dress shirt skirt.


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