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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

DIY bellydance beaded fringe

I am almost done with my Pink patchwork bellydance costume. The reason it has taken me so long is b/c I did not know how I wanted to fringe it. There was no place online that matched the color in my costume. I wanted light pink.

So my only option??? Make my own! Eek! and hence why this project sat on my shelf in a bag. For a year... until now. I was ready to tackle this project and finish it this year!

First I started off with some simple seed beads. Purchased from Michael's. Then I got some plain rope that someone would use for like a children's craft and that was going to be my base to support my fringe. There was no way I was beading each strand to the bottom of the belt! No way!

So I came up with this crazy getup that I could bead with my hands free and the rope would not twist. I used my fabric covered cardboard block and I pinned the rope to the blocks and began to sew.

After my first string!

So I knotted each string before I went to the next string. Basically, each string was double threaded, I went through the top of the rope, down 5 inches, added a bigger bead that corresponded to the beads already on the costume. Then I rewove the needle up through the seed beads back up to the rope. Knot again.

Then I kept going! Here is during the beading. I moved the rope with the beaded fringe as I went so it wouldn't hang and get too heavy. Then it was easier to keep my length correct. :)

Then I was done. Stay tuned for the next post on finishing the actual costume! :)


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Amanda said...

Thanks for sharing Lauren soe realy good tips for those just starting , Love your Pink costume looks great x


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