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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The pink patchwork bellydance costume is finished!

So last night I posted how I made beaded fringe for my pink patchwork costume. Now I can show you the journey that went into making this costume!

Let me back up first, on how it all started. I only started to sew and make my own costumes for less than 2 years. I mean I fixed a fringe, loose sequins, bra straps, etc. But I never really designed a costume from the start. This one was the first one that literally came to mind when I woke up one morning. The night before I was going through and organizing my bead stash (I still do this all the time b/c I have a lot of things). Suddenly I realized what I wanted to do was make a patchwork using sequins an then fill in with beads and sequins. Use what I already have!

I started off with using a pink sating and covered a bra and belt. Then I laid out the grid work with the pink iridescent sequins I had on a spool.

I decided I was going to use the following colors: light pink, dark pink, silver and gold. I was going to interchange between sequins and just beads. I started on the belt first

I loved the pattern once I got it.

So I finished the belt

Next to the bra!

I finished the bra

I finsihed beading actually in one weekend. Yes really. It flew so fast.

So I was left with this gorgeous costume but it needed to be finished. This is where I got stuck. I didn't know how to finish it with fringe, etc. Then we moved into our bigger apartment, I started a new job. I began refashioning and I got the 60 boxes of fabric that is now my fabric stash.

At the beginning of the year I decided I was ready to finish it. And I was ready to bead my own fringe. I won't go into details because that was another post see here

Now here is how I finished it. First I laid the fringe on the bottom of the belt.

Next time to whip stitch it down to the belt.


From the front.

Time to line! I lay mine down and cut away with some scissors.

Start at one end, fold under and pin.

Whip stitch down

It gets a little tricky around the fringe. I did cut it some to take out the strain of the fabric.

Here is me covering the bra, which i forgot to take pictures of... but I do have one.

And the finished product... :) All done

Now I can cross off a costume on my list. Now I need a place to wear it! :)



Penny-Rose said...

Just gorgeous, well done!

lauradora said...

It's lovely, you did an amazing job

Crunchy Diva said...

I love it great job.


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