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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Fixing a bellydance bra hook

I had a costume that I love, love, love. It is pink. But for some reason the straps didn't fit any more. I had a huge gap now and it was taken too tight from the person who altered my top. So I needed to fix it! Actually it is the bra/belt set in the right hand corner of my blog in my picture. I love this costume!

I started with unpicking the lining to release the last few inches of the strap.

Next I repositioned and pinned the lining back.

Sew via whip stitch

Next I need to reposition the hook. I like to put it in the middle.

Line up with the other side so I know where to put the eye of the hook and eye.

It worked so now to sew down!

Also you want to make sure you don't see your hook from the right side. Also sew between the beads and sequins.

Done with the hook!

Costume fits now. Now I just need to have somewhere to wear it! :)


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