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Monday, January 30, 2012

Iron Craft #2- Jeweled necklaces and bracelets

Apparently I am on a jewelry kick lately. I have been trying to put a dent in my bead stash.

Iron Craft is now kicking off it's second year in the making and I'm quite excited! This year challenges are 2 weeks long rather than 1. Personally, so far I have slacked off instead! So I am hoping maybe things calm down here and I'll make grander things. Until then, at least I did something for this week's challenge... Hearts and flowers. It is a semi-valentines day theme. I went back and forth with what I was going to make and opted to make a necklace. This weekend I am going to be in a Mardi gras parade and I wanted a necklace to match my skirt and bra/belt set. It is my midnight madness set and we are wearing red skirts. I have a few of my beads leftover from my drapes so I mixed it up with some red beads and capped it off with a vitrail medium large heart crystal pendant.

Pretty simple but matches my costume ensemble perfectly. Can't wait to wear it.

I did not stop there, while I had the beads out I made another vitrail medium (totally unrelated to this challenge!)

And then 2 elastic bracelets. I have small wrists and sometimes I don't like a lot of bracelet movement so I love elastic!

Of course none of the pictures do them justice. They are all mostly crystal and just sparkle intensely. I just need to master how to take jewelry pictures. I so need a lightbox. Oh yeah and +6 jewelry points for me! Wahoo (also counts as 6 bling points-oh yeah). Here's to putting a dent in my stash!


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kat said...

Good work & I agree, pictures never really show all the sparkle.


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