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Monday, April 22, 2013

ic '13 #8- baseball bib

This iron craft's challenge was playtime. So we were to make something based on a game, toy, etc. I thought about it and I am on  a kick to make now bibs for charity again. So I thought I would make a something I could put on a bib and something relative easy since time just seems to evade me lately. I decided I would give a try with embroidery to make a baseball bib.

First I started with some cut fabric, just plain white and I fused with the fusible fleece to make it thicker and sturdier. You want a good fabric that can take embroidery. Ok now we are ready to draw some circles. I used a bowl and traced the edge of the bowl with a pencil. I needed it to stay in line.

Time to embroider! I found some red embroidery floss from Sonja's grandmother (which I love a piece of her still lives on!). Now I saw this embroidery on Pinterest here and I thought ok let's try it out. FYI the site is all in asian letters. I can't find another site so I do not know if it is the source. I thank them for putting this out there!

The stitch is really easy. Here I am starting

Sadly my camera died and well I kept going. Basically the baseball stitches go in opposite directions on the sides. I was really impressed that the stitches looked good! OMG LOVE!

So now I need to finish the bib. I attached a white piece of fabric I cut in my massive scrap usage. And then I decided to finish with bias tape. I went into my box and I have no idea how I had no read but I had this lovely blue. Actually I like the color combo

Here it is finished with the bias tape (hey curves are hard!)

Now time to add a snap!

Done! OMG I am seriously happy this idea worked out! Look how great this turned out!

Yay and I finished an iron craft project on time! Yay! :) wahoo! Can't wait for our next challenge!



Just Crafty Enough said...

Curves are so tricky with bias tape & you did such a lovely job on this.

Lovely Light said...

I'd love to try something like this for my little baba. She spits up a lot (reflux) so she's always wearing a bib.

Jinxy said...

Love how perfect you stitches are!

Mel@Mellywood's Mansion said...

That's so cute what a lovely idea

Unknown said...

Just saw this from One Artsy Mama. This is so awesome! My brother is a total baseball fanatic and his wife is having a boy in a couple of months...this might have to go on the list :) Thanks for sharing!


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