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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Iron craft: Cheers, wine cork wreath

This Iron Craft Challenge is Cheers. Make something that has to do with beverages or something that came from a beverage. I decided to use this as the perfect time to use up more of my wine corks.
First I sorted the corks by size. Then I used something round and circular to line them up and began to glue with hot glue. FYI hot glue and wine cork, either synthetic or real, are not the best of friends. So then it broke in 4 pieces. So E6000 for the rescue.

Now I decided I didn't want it for a wreath. Maybe at another time so I looked for ways to use. I decided to use it for my cactus planter and it was the perfect size. So right now it is cradling my cactus!

Which by the way is growing new flowers!!! Yay!

I may add more cork and make it more of a trivet but I didn't have enough to fill it up. Future project. And shucks I need to drink more wine! ;)

BTW my apologies for being a little MIA on the blog. I just have not found my swagger yet and getting back to work has been crazy. So the blog has taken a back seat. We are also getting in full wedding mode with my cousin's wedding. Very rapidly creeping up on me!! Ack! So needless to say I am bit tired. I will catch up by the end of this week.

Sorry for the departure.

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