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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Book inspired project: Sequined scoop neck top

If you are here from Renegade Seamstress looking for my Leather submission for the challenge click here.

Is it a shirt or is it a dress? That is what I asked when I tried this item on...
Now I am wearing a pair of shorts underneath but this is way too short to be a dress.
But it is kind of too long to be a top. It just doesn't work.

But this top would be a great top to work with for the book....

I got inspired by this particular project. It was pretty easy. It was called Disco Tunic. Just a lot of sewing. Lots of sequin sewing.

So I had black sequin trim in my collection from various costumes and this is a great project to use it up! Wow! Just started to line up my sequins and sew them on. I sew 2 skip 1 sequin in order to not go crazy. It actually didn't take me too long but then again I have sewn heavily beaded costumes so for me this is easy and I am ridiculously fast.

I just kept going and going and going... almost done!

Done but still too long!

I still had to shorten the dress (if you could call it that) to a top. Cut and hem.

Done. Now I debated about the big pailletes. I had some but just felt it took the shirt in a different direction and I didn't like it. I decided to not put them on. Here is the finished top.

Paired with a blazer. I really like it under a blazer. 

Done! Lots of sequins. Pretty easy refashion per se just a lot of sewing.



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