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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Bellydance DVD Review: Princess Farhana Intermediate Workout DVD

Happy shimmy Sunday! Here is the 2nd DVD from Princess Farhana. this is the intermediate component of the set (it came as a 2 pack).

LOl so the introduction has scrolling words with dancing, which I put on fast forward, I mean I don't want to read this. She then talks (and reads off cue cards) which just feels odd again. There is a warm up, technique, rolls/flutters, dance, and then drum solo. Again she talks while she dances while facing you, I always like that.

The sound is better you can hear her. However, I hear cars in the background. I could not help but laugh. She had a really good explanation about stomach flutters and undulations. OMG finally! And she even showed the book technique in order to demonstrate how to isolate your abs. So great! I finally had my aha moment with getting stomach flutters over an undulation. THANK YOU PRINCESS FARHANA!! Finally! I got it and with some drilling I'll have it. But she was the first one to explain it in a way I could actually grasp doing it. That is what stood out the most from the DVD. Thank you again. 

Performance at the end. It was better than the other one. Though I could have done without the cheesy effect of her magically appearing on the stage (bad video effects). I will give her this, she always has gorgeous costumes!

Overall a good explanation again of moves. I would not call this a workout. She did throw some things at me that I was like huh-nice take! So I enjoyed myself. I am most likely to keep this DVD just for the drilling on the stomach flutters.


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