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Friday, July 25, 2014

Bob's GF Pizza Crust Try

I am always looking for a good pizza crust that is gluten free. Here we go with Bob's Red Mill!

It comes with a bag of yeast you have to prep some prior to making the dough. Then add the remaining ingredients. Then you let it sit and rise some. Now came the hard part- rolling it out. This is probably the ugliest crust I ever made. It had a lot of air pockets. I cooked it and then added ingredients.

Hey it actually looked like a pizza! And the crust was thick! OMG I have not had something like this in a long time! Now for the taste. I will say this it was a bit bland. I felt it needed some more seasoning to it. Or maybe it was my sauce. Hard to say. Even the boyfriend agreed it was pretty good like a regular pizza. It was definitely something we could use as a base.
I would definitely recommend!


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