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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Send in the clowns refashion #48

I think this dress was meant for a clown's mother. I mean wow..... bright polka dots. Stripes on the side. Gah!

This dress required a complete redo. First I took apart the bodice from the skirt. Actually it was really a simple design and not many pieces for this dress- it was just ugly. Luckily I had a cute little helper who was drawn to this dress. I mean as soon as I pulled her off the dress and grabbed the camera-she was back on it. But you know it isn't a blog post unless you get kitty-bombed.

I decided since it was a simply a big old fabric, I would use one of my patterns. I used this new look pattern. 

But first! I must dye! And it was 100% polyester so iDYE was in the plan. I used steel grey. I also precleaned with a better detergent (from Dharma) that helped me achieve a better and even dye. It already looks better! Then I had to get creative with fabric pattern pieces. 

I followed the pattern. Pretty easy but had a small hangup with the bodice. I decided I was a high and mighty sewer and top stitched the upper edge. Then I got an odd fit and after multiple seam ripping, my solution was to angle the bodice differently- so slanted down. And as I was hemming the bottom, sigh, I had my iron too hot and burned my dress. Really?????!!!!! So I took off a little more from the bottom. No worries this dress works.

Done, now this picture is for pure giggles- you seen I haven't worn heels since my spill but it really helps pictures. And I lost my balance here- no worries I didn't hurt myself anymore.

But the dress is done and super cute. And ready for date night!

Couldn't help myself.... now the only thing clown about this dress is this the nose. 

Send in the clowns!!!! 

Alright no more clowning around, this dress is done! So drastic!



Unknown said...

Amazing transformation!! Turned out great

La La Lauren!!! said...

Thank you! :)

Lauren Holgate said...

I loved this post. I have no idea how to do anything you've written about here (and I would love to learn, given an angel with an insane level of patience and compassion were to teach me - because believe me, I've tried to learn about sewing ... I made a blouse, and I almost had an aneurysm in the process) - but I can fully appreciate how you've taken something for a clown's mother and made it sexy and adorable and modern! I am in awe.

Anonymous said...

Lauren, this looks great! Very impressed with how the dye job came out. I didn't know that dyes for synthetic fabrics existed! I really want to try this for myself :)

sarahlizsewstyle.blogspot.com said...

Fantastic remake - and the dye pot was a great idea. From old lady frump to a fun, cute dress now :)

Unknown said...

Once again an inspirational revamp I wish I had you vision to see a cute dress from the frumpy clown original

Lovenicky said...

This is so amazing! I think you have inspired me to go buy some dyes! The dress looks really great on you. Good job!


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