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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Green paisley skirt refashion, S1619 pattern, refashion #50

For this next refashion (hey to 50 refashions BTW!!) I neglected to get a before pic. But it was essentially it was a big o'skirt like this one

But this skirt was a lovely mix of green, blue, purple, and red. I just love paisleys. I opted to use it as a fabric piece and use one of my patterns and make a shirt. I chose this one from Simplicity, S1619
I would have just enough fabric to make the top. Though the binding was not on the bias. All good. I proceeded to sew- I was proud as this was my first V-neck. lol. I pressed it out more.

It also had an odd button loop thing. I don't know if I will keep it or not. But here is my new blouse from a big skirt. Here it is closed....

I can play with the sleeves too with pulling the cords. I should tie them into a bow. 

I like it more opened up. 

You can see the loop where it connects to a button. 

Not bad. This pattern is made for a knit but still worked with this fabric. I also cut a size 8 as I had a gut feeling this top would be big. My gut was right (thank you gut!). This would be great with a knit. Wheels are turning and I will definitely use this pattern again with a knit, I just recently purchased some great knits on major clearance. Some small yardages so this would work fabulously!


And here's to being officially halfway done! :) Happy dance!!!!


Mary Sane said...

Wow! This looks awesome. :)

Judith said...

Great way to use an unwanted skirt ~ this top looks super ... J


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