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Monday, July 21, 2014

Banana Republic Eyelet lace dress fix, refashion 53

Found this lovely white eyelet dress that was from Banana Republic. It appears that someone DIY'd it as the satin straps were an add on (and sort of cheap).

Upon closer inspection, there was a small stain I could not get out. 

First off came the satin ribbon straps. Already better.  Next I attempted some ombre dyeing. My arms hurt after this. Used RIT dye in dark green (thanks mom for the dye- she got it on sale!). :)

Now we are complete. Easy refashion. What is funny is I did not get green in the end, it was actually blue in color. and it is a slight ombre. Either way it is better than white with a stain on it. :)

Works much better now! Yay!


Sonja Sheffield said...

Nice. Love the color it turned out!

jennifer elliott said...

You're pretty. Love the new dress too!


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