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Monday, July 7, 2014

Flowered dress to peplum top, #49

This lovely chiffon-ish dress came with its own belt!

I mean it is just full of win!

This dress is really too much. Just too much. Too many flowers for a dress. I actually did like the belt. I decided first that I would do an easy refashion and turn it into a peplum blouse. I just cut below the button after the waistline. Then I did a simple serge. Fold up. Sew down-easy hem. 

And now my peplum top is done! Unfortunately I could not wear the jeans I wanted to wear with this top, either my bright pink or my dark green ones b/c they are skinny jeans and it rubs on my bruise. So I settled with my white ones.

Yeah I was enjoying my smoothie.

With the belt...

the recap!
This makes 49! Which means that I am about halfway done! Yay!!!



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