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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Khaki pants fix, #56

Yup so 2 refashions in a row! I know. But Monday was supposed to be iron craft, which I did  not participate in and I literally spent ALL weekend finishing my mystery fabric challenge for Skirt Fixation. My day is Friday, so stay tuned for Friday. Otherwise go and check out the mystery challenge contestants.

So letting my blog's schedule run (ahem and running out! EEk!). Today is just an easy fix. I started off with a nice pair of Boden khaki pants that fit great in the hips and bum but were really baggy and long at the bottom. The picture does not do it justice.

I always need a good pair of pants for work. Especially since I am in set up mode and I'm jumping, lifting, etc. Always need pants! Basically I opened up the hem, cut off seriously 4 inches (there was a lot of fabric you don't see) and then took in starting at the knees. I didn't want a super skinny pair of pants, I just wanted to taper them some. Sorry no pictures, I really have no excuse. LOL Here are my new pants. I actually wore them yesterday to work and they were great b/c I could do everything.
Just a simple straight leg. That is it. Simple work pants. Ahh. Thank goodness.
I can't believe I have done 56 refashions! Holy moly! Happy, but I still have some way to go and some sewing to do. I have several that are in the "almost" stage. I need to get back to my sewing machine but slightly scarred from sewing the mystery fabric. You will see stay tuned for Friday!!!


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