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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Pink shorts fix, refashion 54

Today, no dyeing is involved in this refashion. I need more shorts. I have put on some weight after being gluten free for a number of reasons. I am healthy again and I am happy for that. But I need more shorts. Found these actually in the men's section. But actually are ladies shorts from LL Bean. Too big, too mom-ish per se but I just love pink.

First I un-did the hem and cut off the bottom. I was about 3 inches. Poof- gone!
I serged the bottom leg and hemmed them.
Even though I hate high waist shorts, I decided to go with it. I took in the sides after I removed it from the waistband. Sew. The bottom Right corner shows how I fixed the waistband afterwards.

Ladies and gentleman, these shorts are done. Yay! Fits now in the waist. 

Not too long and not too short. 

Nice fit in the bum. 

Done! So I got a new pair of shorts! I wonder how long it will take for me to spill coffee on them....


1 comment:

CindyLou said...

They look great! Nice job!


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