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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Fit to be tied tank top refashion, #55

I decided to try out an idea from a refashion book. I started out with an old dusty rose tank top and a black and white striped fabric.

The inspiration came from this book, custom couture. Another project from this book.

Going to try the "fit to be tied." Good way to use up fabric scraps! I followed the instructions. And then I stopped following instructions. Because they were so wrong. When I first cut the tube, it was way too long. What I would suggest is measure the distance from the arm hole to the bottom of the tank top and then add 6 inches. NOT 16 inches.

Actually this was the worst instructions I could ever read. It made no sense. No sense. And the only diagrams they had was for the bow. Which helped me for nothing.
So I had to cut off the bottom. Here is what I did.
I serged the bottom and top of the tube. 
Then I folded over the top and sewed. I also sewed a gathering stitch. 
Then I put my tank top on the chair and put the seam on a side. 
I sewed the tube on to the tank top.
Created a casing in the bottom, add elastic. 

Next I added a bow. Simply just found a scrap ribbon in my stash. Created a bow. Sew. Cut off excess . 

Done. Obviously I need to wear with another pair of shorts. Red isn't working.
It looks like what was in the book. This could have potential in other projects. 
I don't need to use the book whatsoever. 


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