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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Fuchsia Indian Tunic to dress, #63

If you know me, you know several things. I love pink and all shades of pink. I also have a thing for Indian fashion, fabrics, and motifs like paisleys. You can also throw in there peacocks and peacock feathers.

I fell for this tunic with scarf at Goodwill. It just makes me want to dance.

It is a top that I can put on and it fit but its not too tight. So no zipper needed (yay! yay! yay!). But now I need to make it work. 

First thing I did was close the side slits, that was a quick little whirl on the machine. But then I realized there was an oil stain near the waist. I need to get that out, and it didn't come out in the wash. So it shall be engineered out. ;) I cut the tunic at the waist area, then again after the stain. I gathered the top of the bottom of the tunic (confused yet?) and attached it to the bodice to create a new dress.

Here we are connecting it. Luckily didn't have to hem it! I left it as is. There is a taupe colored lining BTW. Then since it was a bit big, I added elastic.  

I also created a belt with the middle lining leftover, creating a tube and sewing it all together. I have a few options. I felt as if it pulled it together. 

Cat bombed.... I tried the belt a different way. 

He is still there behind me. 

Without the belt as you can see, it needed something. Also I learned I am not as big as I think I am, as I could have cut the elastic 1-2 inches shorter. 

This is such a fun and cute dress now. I still have the leftover scarf which I plan on using. I just lost something else so the project is on temporary hold. You just have to love the embroidery.



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