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Monday, August 18, 2014

pink bow top done!

August's sewing project is done! Here is my McCall's 6928 bow top. I cut an X-small This pattern runs big! Big!

I am really happy I did- no sewing regrets! It did get a little droopy by the end of the workday but nothing bad. I got a bunch of compliments! I can't hide though! The only things I did different was I cut the excess seam fabric from the binding of the neck and armholes. It was just too thick- pattern doesn't call for that. And I also attached the bow at the very end of the pattern and also to the binding in order to not rip a hole in the thin knit.

I love bows! This pattern is a win!! So I know I am behind on blogging. I am trying to catch up but work has been beyond busy. And I have not wanted to take pictures. I got myself to take a bunch with messed up neck and everything. I gave up on trying to be done up. You got me in glasses with a comb ran through my hair. Hey this isn't a style blog, this is a sewing blog. ;) More posts on their way.


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