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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Cherries Dress, Refashion 65

I just love big, large dresses that I remember many of my teachers wearing back in the day.

Yeah it is big and has its own strings, but it is a lot of fabric and it has cherries on it!! How cute are they? 

As soon as I took apart the bodice from the skirt and ironed it.... This happened..... 

Two little cats decided to "help" me. There is a reason why God made both of them so cute. She looked at me with those eyes and I could not get mad. Smile! Picture time.

After untangling the fabric again and ironing, I got my pattern picked out. Simplicity 1650, princess bodice, short skirt, no peplum with hopefully enough for sleeves.

I had just enough fabric for the bodice and the skirt. The sleeves I reused from the old sleeves.

Basically, sew, sew, sew, get an invisible 22 inch zipper- Hancock fabrics was out of black so I got red. Done! The bodice was perfectly fine and plenty of room but the skirt was just a smidge too tight but still fit.

I seriously love this dress. This pattern is also a good pattern. I just need to do more squats. 

Like I said it just fit!! Yay! 

The back, which Toot Toot! I got my invisible RED zipper in really good! Do you see the red zipper tape? Nope neither do I!!!

This dress is way too cute! Who know it came from a mu-mu!! I still have the strings and buttons. Just a smidge, and I mean smidge left of the fabric is left. Yay!
Off to go and do some squats just to get the skirt to fit a teensy better.


Dorothy DotDot said...

It's an amazing idea to create such a beautiful outfit from a RTW piece.

Helena A. said...

Hi Lauren!
You know I have a dress SO SIMILAR to that one!!!!
When I bought it, it was like that one, all the way down to my feet!
And the pattern is like that, and the fabric is like that, but instead of cerises it has flowers!
How awesome is that?
And I did cut it short, too!
Only mine is not tight!
It looks so good on you!
Kisses from Portugal


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