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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Another pancake mix try

This one was for the win!! Cherrybrook Kitchen and it was on sale at target. Can't beat a sale. :)

Now this is both a waffle and a pancake mix. Easy to mix and easy to bake. How beautiful is this pancake??
Now for taste- it was yummy. I felt redeemed that I could make pancakes. Ahhh thank you. Thank you pancake mix. I will say that the batter is a bit sweet but realizing it is also for waffles that makes sense. This is not something you want to eat a lot of if you are not into a sweet tooth. Also, I am guessing that this is not something healthy with all the sugars, though one can argue that most gluten free mixes are not really healthy. I consider this more of a treat than a regular basis for consuming. But still pretty good! BTW they freeze OK, I would recommend letting them thaw fully before reheating. Don't put them directly into the microwave. It reheats from frozen a little bit odd. Hope you enjoyed this review as I enjoyed these pancakes!


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