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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Purple midi dress to fringe fun, #59

I had this purple dress forever, my inital plan was to use it for part of a costume,  But that never happened. so  now what?
It is awkward short with a bad side slit. 

First, I cut off the bottom and decided to make a top out of it. It is not cute enough to be a dress. I could work with a top. The next thing I thought about was, I wanted something less boring. Fringe! Oh! That would be cool. I used the bottom part of the dress and cut strips up to the hem (hey instant seam and stability) every 1 inch. Easy enough.

Then I followed the neckline from the shoulder seam to the opposite shoulder seam. Sew down. Cut. Still had plenty of excess so I kept going. I had 3 rows of fringe.
Yeah it got kind of crazy with sewing at the end. Strips of fabric everywhere!!! Here it is done!

This shirt is soo much fun. Just want to twirl in it!

Hey recognize those shorts? :)

So happy with the final outcome, it is so much fun! 

Here is the recap!
I will wear this until it gets cooler. It is just so much fun! Yay! I am so happy to be over halfway done with my 99 challenge too! Whew! Tired!


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