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Monday, January 19, 2015

Christmas Stockings DIY

Yes I am somehwat backlogged on blogging. Yes I have not had a lot of time to blog but I also find myself uninspired to write and blog (and crop photos, etc.). I just can't get myself to type, I am in some sort of rut! And I just keep misplacing my camera. I did however in my few days off go through and clean up/organize my sewing and craft things.
This vacation for MLK has given me some time to blog. The cold weather is also keeping my in doors.

I had green velvet in my fabric stash. I had no idea what to do with it. No idea. The only thing that came to mind was Christmas stockings. The dark green velvet just seemed so classic and traditional Christmas decor. I needed a pattern. I got one of my stockings I had on hand and traced it. 

I added seam allowance.

Cut my pattern and also began cutting the velvet.

I am missing the remaining photos, but I can explain. I used green polyester for the backing. I sewed together and hemmed the top. I then sewed on a couple layers of various laces and used green tape for the hangs. Done!

Unfortunately, this photo is not the best because I was in a hurry and packing up Christmas decor and had already bunched up. But this was a quick shot of them.

I know there are 3, no I am not expecting, I just had enough for 3 so I went for it. Maybe it is wishful thinking. LOL. Not bad for quickly throwing it together! :)

More blogs coming. I am just slow.


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