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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Peacock Feather Tree Topper

So I have been a royal slacker when it comes to blog posts. And some of my finished stuff does not have end pictures as it has not been sunny at all so that doesn't make for good pictures. So I am a little behind. That and this past weekend since it was not sunny out, I took on a big project- blog post to come.

I put up my tree and I thought it needed some bling. And I wanted a topper for it. I had a huge amount of peacock feathers. One day. months back, I came up with an idea on what I wanted to do.

Here is what I basically did
- took small and large peacock feather based on their eye size
- cut down and even out
- cut circle of card board and use as a base
- hot glue large ones first around circle
- next hot glue small ones
- glue the center and iridescent beads in the center to cover everything up
- I attached wire to the back so I could twist it on a branch.

Done! It made one heck of a mess!!! Feather pieces everywhere.

Here are a few more closeups, with and without flash.
I just loved staring at it. Too pretty. I just love peacocks.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Unique and pretty - my daughter said she was looking for a peacock feather tree topper and I had no idea what she had in mind. Now that I see what you did, it is time to get out the feathers and get to work. Fortunately I found an old topper to use as a base.


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