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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

the odd denim shirt, refashion #97

So counting down the last refashions that I completed last year and finally blogging. I found this denim shirt but while wearing it- it just sort of hung oddly

turns out this shirt has pockets! Pockets!!! What!? No matter how much I ironed these pockets they stuck out

Meh This can be an easy fix

Turned the shirt out and I basically sewed out each pockets.

Those pockets sort of look like elephant ears to me. I did nothing else to the shirt and it completely changed how the top lays. Perfect for pairing with some of my crazy pants Like my snowflake leggins I made previously.  

Love my crazy pants, but this top is so functional. But seriously Gap why put pockets in a button down?
Here's the recap!



Sonja Sheffield said...

It secretly wanted to be a pair of pants? Why would you put pockets in the seams of a button down? What a quick refashion! Looks so different now too.

La La Lauren!!! said...

I have no idea but I said WTF


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