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Friday, January 23, 2015

Orange Sherbert Mimosas! (Gluten Free Friday)

We tried this on New Years. I wanted something different to drink and saw it on Pinterest somewhere. Thought I would try it out!

All you need is orange sherbert, your champagne of choice, and an ice cream scoop. I started first with scooping in solid scoop of the orange sherbert into the glass.
 then poured the champagne on top. I gave it a mix and let it sit so the sherbert melt some. The more it melts the creamier the drink gets. Then enjoy! I highly enjoyed this- really refreshing and a nice take on a mimosa.

I have more gluten free trials on the way. Fridays will be Gluten Free Fridays. And it will be every other Friday as my blogging is not as much as it used to be, I need to pace myself!

Cheers and Happy New Years!


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