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Thursday, January 1, 2015

2015 New Years Resolutions!

Alright! Here we go- another year! 2014 was a hard year, a lot of loss and change. Such is life and to dwell on it is truly not worth the energy.

For this year, I want to continue to get rid and use the stuff I have. Also a LOT of sewing. I really want to get this fabric stash of mine down. Also this is a blog about sewing ;)

1. Continue the RTW Fast
I enjoyed it so much this year that I want to continue. And well frankly, I just don't spend that much time shopping anymore. It is not that hard of a stretch.

2. Make 1 thing from each sewing book. I am bringing this back from last year. And if I don't use them, it is time to part.
  1. Burda Style Sewing Handbook
  2. Thrifty Style
  3. 49 Sensational Skirts
  4. Generation T
  5. Custom Couture
  6. Pattern Magic 
  7. Pattern Magic 2
  8. Pattern Magic Stretch Fabric
  9. Drape Drape 1
  10. Drape Drape 2
  11. Drape Drape 3
  12. Little Green Dresses
3. Pattern Review.com, again bringing this back from last year. I really should get my reviews online.

4. Sew through my scraps, make for charity. Goal for charity is 300!!!!! Yes, setting those sights high. But in all honesty, a quick sew bib, counts as 1. I am aiming for bibs, dolls, dresses, shoes, and maybe stuffed animals. And really, that adds up fast. Bibs themselves add up fast. And I purchased a bolt of fusible fleece last year in hoping I would have more spare time but I did not.

5. Sew through my fabric.  Get it down to 1 suitcase. For reals! I have been saying this for a long time but then I got that Groupon to G Street Fabrics and discovered their discount wall. OMG it is heaven. But I got cool fabric. I was doing so well until that groupon and an insane fabric sale at Hancock Fabrics. Who can pass up wool that cost normall $27/yard for 2.97? Seriously!!!!! also decided to not put a number on it but I will still keep track. And I am still a member of MGAM (make a garment a month). So minimally I should make 12 things for myself. That is easy and less stressful.

6. Sew something for my boyfriend. I have always wanted to try out a men's pattern. It is worth a try. He is always whining complaining talking about how I never try sewing for him. 

7. That darn T-shirt quilt of mine!!!! It is no longer an option... it is a must! Bonus if I sew one of my quilt patterns I purchased with a gift card I was given...

8. Finish 1 craft kit, most likely the irises latch hook. 

7. Get rid of 1 the bling/sewing stuff boxes. I have boxes of hem tape, hem lace, bias tape, piping. Not to mention all those beads and sequins.

8. Get the coverstitcher to work and behave. So far I have not been successful.

9. Read another book for fun. But also read 3 science books.

10. Sewing goals: shorts, pants, coat, pintucking, shirring, circle attachment, try and use all of my sewing feet. I am still putting together this list.

11. Get my Refashions down to 1 bag. I decided last minute to stop putting numbers to my sewing and just roll with it- the biggest thing I need to do  again with everything I have in my current stash- doable.

12. Make it through 1 round of T25.That is 10 weeks of cardio madness.

13. Finish going through all of my bellydance DVDs. I am sort of embarrassed I didn't finish this last year. Where did the time go?

14. Try something new and different. Anything! I may be strong enough for trapeze soon. Thank you aerial yoga!

15. Complete my sewing videos I purchased on craftsy. Again, it is going with the theme of using what I have. (Just finished 1 of them- wow totally fabulous!!). There is a total of 18! Eek!!

This should keep be busy, besides work. This is all fun busy ;)

Happy New Years to you and yours!



T. Sedai said...

You have a lot of awesome goals for the next year! I hope it is fun, exciting, and wonderful for you!

sarahlizsewstyle said...

What a list, I'm tired just reading it - still, it's better to have goals than none at all - at least that way you get something done


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