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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Over the moon thermal PJs (Jan MGAM)

I saw these cute PJ pattern in the recent Sew News Magazine and I just purchased thermal fabric.

I thought this was adorable and something I could wear right now as the temperature has gotten cold fast. I got this somewhat earthy/southwestern feeling thermal fabric on clearance at Hancock Fabrics, but had no plan for sewing until I saw this pattern. Ding! And for the January MGAM theme is new, so for me I am new to thermal fabric and new to actually sewing a pattern out of a magazine.

Now I have never used a pattern from a sewing magazine yet. I downloaded it and followed the instructions to print and cut. It was easy to follow the directions. If you have done any sewing you catch on fast. I did try on the pants (I cut a small based on their measurements provided) and took in more on the legs. Super quick sew. Done!

Totally warm and cozy for the winter that is among us here in D.C. I would totally make myself another pair. Actually, I may make a pair of matching shorts.After wearing them for several hours, much to the dismay of my boyfriend, the fabric stretches as you wear it so I could have made a size less. As you can see in the pictures, even with a double needle the hem was wavy. I never have this issue with any other fabric but this one. And I even tried to steam it out with my iron. Yeah didn't work out so well. But it is managable and hey I get to stay warm! :)



Jenny said...

I love thermal pj's. Yours look great!

Alethia said...

OMG, your pj's are too cute!!

sarahlizsewstyle said...

They are gorgeous - and for these it really does not matter about the wavy hems, or the fact that they stretch - that's the beauty of clothes worn at home :) And if you buy stuff, that stretches too.

I'm glad you tried something new and that the pattern worked.

La La Lauren!!! said...

Thank you! I am pretty happy with my thermals! Perfect for winter.


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