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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Giving a strapless dress some modesty, refashion 98

I thought this dress would work as is, yeah I know one of those. It fit but I felt as if the bodice was a smidge too small. I felt as if I was a bit exposed. Just not enough bodice. I wanted a way to fix this some way.

I decided I was going to try and not necessarily add straps but try and create some sort of addition to the top. I used some leftover red fabric. I cut 2 rectangles and across the top I sewed a gathering stitch. I then attached the fabric strips to the dress. I did this by trying on the dress, placing the line on my shoulders and pinning where I needed to attach. I started with the fronts first then did the backs. I hand stitched the fabric to the dress. It really did not take that long.
I also removed the buttons on the front of the dress.

Here is the end product! Definitely modestified the dress. I sort of have gathered sleeves. Something completely different!

 The back..
Here's the recap. I feel much better wearing this dress!
1 more refashion left from last year! I know and it February- so sad!! Stay tuned for next week for another refashion! My last one and it is a good one!! :)



Unknown said...

That really turned out cute!!

Brandy said...

Are you by chance a Roll Tide fan? If not you totally have to pass that perfect game day dress on to a Bama girl!

La La Lauren!!! said...

Thank you! Yes I am a Bama fan. The dress is mine! :)

Unknown said...

That is just great! You made it very fun and very wearable! Good job!


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