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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Spiderweb wreath- iron craft #41

Yay! This week the iron craft challenge was Boo! So halloween related! So exciting I love Halloween, and I love decorating for halloween. So I was super excited when this challenge rolled around. What I wasn't excited about this challenge was timing. Between poster presentation, talk presentations, papers, halloween costumes, and a busy schedule on top of it, I was trying my hardest to find some time to do what I wanted.

I chose something easy. A halloween wreath. Here is what I used...

First I used this yarn I just found at Michael's, it was on sale! It is called Angel hair. Love it!

What I loved about it is it had this fuzzy sort of appearance and would give me a spiderweb effect.

Next I just used a simple styrofoam wreath.

To adorn I finally get to use the black glitter spiders I got for over 50% off a year or two ago but just never used...

First I added a dot of hot glue on the back of the wreath to secure the yarn.

Then I just wrapped... and wrapped... and wrapped the yarn. I wrap a few round and then push it back to meet the rest so it is nice and flush and you don't see any exposed styrofoam.

Then when I went around and met up from the beginning, I again secured it with a dot of hot glue.

Next I added the spiders via hot glue. I'll wait to show you at the end what it looks like. but I wanted a way to hang it up. So I just used a piece of the same yarn tied it and then glued the knot to the back of the wreath, so no one would see it. :)

I clipped off the excess once the glue was dry (no need to ruin more scissors!).

Ta Da! We are done!

I totally love it and it was super easy, fast, and simple to make. Now I can get back to finishing my power point presentation for work.

Happy halloween! :)



kat said...

I'm really loving the look of yarn wreathes like this recently

waggonswest said...

I like how the yarn looks webby! Great project.


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