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Monday, October 10, 2011

Pink and white striped pillowcase dress

This is the truest of all pillowcase dresses b/c in fact it was made from a pillowcase. Lily (Laura's F1 progeny) has a birthday coming up and I wanted to make her something special. I found this pretty pink and white striped pillowcase at the local thrift store.

I just absolutely fell for the colors and thought she would love it. She, like myself, loves pink!

First I cut off the seam to make the top of the dress. I made markings for where the arm holes needed to be. I cut about 6.5 inches down. Lily is a 4T and for some reason I got the number 6 inches. Really I am just winging it here people! And then I went in a few inches. Now I do not remember the number (grrrr....)

I cut out the armhole on a curve (using the help of a cup/jar of some sort) to make that J shape.

Next I added bias tape to the armholes to make it easier to finish. I did not want to attempt to sew it down. Bias tape is way easier!.

For the next parts I do not have pictures, since I lost my camera. (But it is now found). I folded over the top part to make a casing. I eyeballed it. Sew down. Next I used some leftover fabric scraps of mine to make a tie, the good-old-fashioned way. I pulled it through the casing. And we shall tie it at the shoulder.

I wound up hemming the bottom of the dress and added the pink bias trim again. It would have just been a smidge too long for her. I kept it simple. I just fell for this dress! It is just too cute! :)

Happy birthday Lily!


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Amy said...

That is totally cute. And out of a pillowcase?! Love it. I'm sure she will too. :) Thanks for linking up at OAM!


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